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A Quick and Simple Office Refurb Guide


A Quick and Simple Office Refurb Guide

If you want to maximize your productivity in the office, you need to make sure that the office looks the part. If your office looks boring and dull, then you might begin to feel that way too! You can also make the most of your space when you make the right choices here. Here are some ideas you can use fairly quickly and simply:

Things to Consider First:

Before you jump right in and start refurbishing your office, you need to make sure that you’ve considered a few things first. Your office design should reflect everything you stand for. You should make sure you’ve stuck to your budget, and that you’ve thought about your employees. Although it’s important that it looks good, it should also accommodate the needs of your employees before anything else.

Invest in Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring is the most appropriate kind of flooring for an office environment, say Donnelly Watson Flooring. You have a variety of options, from vinyl to carpet. Whatever you decide, it’ll be suitable for a large amount of foot traffic and will help you adhere to health and safety regulations.

Let in More Natural Light

Employees seriously benefit from as much natural light as possible. The more natural light you can let in, the better! You might consider investing in different window treatments to ensure that you’re letting as much light in as possible. Many businesses go for blinds, so that employees can control the amount of light let in at one time. If you have the budget and time, it might even be a good idea to add more windows, if possible! Artificial light can add to that ‘afternoon slump’ feeling.

Open Plan or Closed Plan?

Many offices wonder whether an open plan or closed plan is best. This totally depends on your situation and is unique to everybody. If you handle sensitive information in your office, then it’s obviously best for you to go for closed plan. However, if communication and collaboration is important, open plan could be better. Don’t worry about an open plan office hindering productivity; it can actually help!

Use Color Carefully

Color can make all the difference to the look and feel of an office. Brighter colors can invigorate employees and leave them feeling energized. It might help for you to take a look at the psychology of colors to get an idea of how they can make us feel. Ideally, you employees will feel relaxed yet energized in the work environment. Stress can be minimized and work can be maximized when the right colors are used!


It goes without saying you need to consider safety when refurbing your office. Have alarms, CCTV and other measures installed so you know your office is going to be protected when you’re not there.

If you want to get the most from your employees, an office refurb is an excellent idea. Don’t go into this lightly; it can take a lot of time and money. It’ll all be worth it once it’s complete, though!

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