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The modern day office work space


The modern day office work space

It’s amazing how much of a transformation offices have undergone over recent decades, and many of the changes have been driven by advances in technology. The array of gadgets and gizmos that companies now have access to has revolutionised the way in which people work.

Portable tech

One of the biggest forces for change has been the emergence of portable technology. Where once office desks were filled with the likes of heavy typewriters and chunky telephones, they are now adorned with a variety of sophisticated and lightweight items. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are chief among these. Unsurprisingly, the development of such products has changed the furniture demands of companies. Now when firms are on the lookout for desks and other items from specialist providers like Furniture At Work™, they can be much more flexible in their approach.

For example, many organisations have adopted hot desking practices, meaning workers don’t have their own individual workstations but rather take whichever desks happen to be free at the time. Because a rising number of employees can work remotely with the help of their portable tech, businesses can often get away with providing fewer workstations.

Many modern offices are also less rigid in terms of the way in which space is used. In the past, employees were usually expected to remain at their workstations throughout the day. Now, forward-thinking firms are increasingly enabling their staff members to move around to different zones. For example, personnel may be able to take their laptops, phones and other devices to special breakout areas where they can work and discuss issues with their colleagues in a more informal environment.

Cleared of clutter

Another way in which technology has altered the look and feel of modern offices concerns storage. Traditionally, work areas were dominated by piles of paperwork and row upon row of filing cabinets. Because companies can now store much of the information they need in a digital format, they don’t have as great a need for large storage solutions.

Of course, they still use filing cabinets, drawers and other similar products. However, they can limit the size and quantity of these items. In turn, this has helped firms to clear the clutter and to create chic, open spaces that are more attractive than their counterparts in decades gone by.

Meanwhile, with developments in technology continuing apace, it is hard to predict what the offices of the future will look like.

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