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How to Create a Safe Office Environment


How to Create a Safe Office Environment

A safe and happy environment is the ideal basis for a motivated and passionate workforce. There are several aspects to the workplace, from safety to psychology. Take a look at our short guide to maximising the productivity of your employees through the safety of their work environment.

The Building

The building itself should be easily accessible, both from a location point of view as well as physically getting in the building. Think about where your office is in relation to where your employees live. If there is the demand, you may find it easier to move offices to somewhere near to a main road or in a town or city centre.

There should be ample parking and preferably wheelchair access too.

The building should, of course, be in good repair, which you should check regularly.

The Office

The office itself needs to have good lighting. In an ideal world, you’d have lots of natural light, as not only does it mean that you don’t have to use as much electricity, but your workers will appreciate it too. You must have good emergency lighting, and well lit areas outside too.

You must make sure that your office is clean, and provide bins, toilets and hand basins. You must have somewhere to eat meals, including a space to prepare them.

The temperature must be reasonable, usually at least 16 degrees Celsius. Your office should also have good ventilation, a supply of air from outside or from ventilation systems is necessary to keep your workers feeling fresh.

The Workspace

The workspace is the place that will have the most impact on your employees and their health. The chairs you use are important. They should be swivel chairs, adjusted so that your feet touch the ground and your knees are level with your hips. Your backbone should be straight, and if the chair cannot be adjusted this way, then you need to provide a back rest.

It is advisable to have a relaxed clear desk policy. Allow your employees to bring certain things in to personalise your desk, but don’t allow for unnecessary clutter or knick knacks. A cluttered desk is equal to a cluttered mind.

The top of the computer monitor should be at eye level. Too high or too low, and you strain neck muscles by constantly looking up or down.

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