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Top Common Office Complaints And How To Solve Them


Top Common Office Complaints And How To Solve Them

Like any employer I’m sure you’ve heard the regular staff grumblings on a daily basis, and it’s probably become so common that you tune it out and don’t even listen. It will probably be the same with your colleagues too, and you’ll most likely complain out of habit as well. However, once you stop and listen you could probably rectify the majority of the little problems they complain about with ease, creating a much happier workforce;

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  1. Higher Salaries – With the rise of living costs increasing yet the rate in which salaries rise seeming to fall short, it is no wonder your staff are complaining. Understandably, as a business you want to make as much profit as possible but you need to remember that many companies offer competitive salaries and you may end up with a high turnover of staff until it is increased. A way to get around this would be to offer bonuses or monetary rewards for good work or achieved targets.


  1.  Staff Rooms – Many employees complain about staff room facilities; they want a comfortable area with a few little luxuries for some ‘down time’. You could include a TV or a gaming device for them to play on during their lunch time, or alternatively you could provide something slightly more active such as a pool table. By making your staff room look nice and welcoming, your employees will be grateful as it is something that will benefit them.


  1. Lunch Variety – The quality and variety of food in the lunch room is often a hot topic of discussion and, if staff seem often disappointed with it, then it’s usually because they want something different with a choice that looks and tastes appealing. Try asking your catering staff to mix it up or even go with a new catering company.


  1. Varied Temperature – As the weather changes many of your staff complain that it is too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter. You should invest in a quality air conditioning system that can give out hot and cold air depending on the time of year, and is capable of setting an average comfortable temperature with even output throughout the office.


  1. More Opportunities – Employees like to know that there are opportunities available if they want to take them; however, everyone wants different things. You could send out an anonymous survey or questionnaire to ask what kinds of opportunities they would want available to them, or you could hold a department meeting to throw some ideas around.


  1. Communication Issues – Being a manager or the employer, it can be difficult to set time aside to speak to your staff about any concerns or questions they may have. However if you seem unavailable all the time they may feel resentment towards you and concerns they may have, whether personal or about the business, can often get left unsaid having a detrimental impact on your company. You should try to host weekly or monthly workshops or meetings and actually take on board what they are trying to say.


Now that you know what the common office complaints are you can try to rectify them and get on the good side of your staff. Remember, without a happy workforce you won’t get the kind of productivity you want, which in turn can have a negative effect on your business.

This Post was written by Ekta Mair who decided to take charge of the many office complaints she had, and now has a much more productive and happy workforce. She recommends Cooper Poole for all of your air conditioning needs to avoid complaints about the temperature.

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